Amir Rahmani joined UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing as an Assistant Professor in July 2019. Professor Rahmani’s research interests include e-Health, Wearable Internet-of-Things, Healthcare/Nursing Informatics, and Embedded Systems.

How did you get into nursing research?

After getting my PhD in Information and Communication Technology, I started designing sensors and software for a new paradigm called the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the extension of Internet connectivity to everyday objects combined with artificial intelligence and big data analytics. Within the field of IoT, Healthcare applications were most interesting to me because I saw the real positive impact of technology on people’s lives. So I started talking to nursing colleagues at my university (University of Turku, the second-largest university in Finland with the rank 24 in QS World University in nursing that year). As the clinicians who have the closest and longest interactions with patients, nurses seemed like a good fit with IoT innovation. 

What drew you to UC Irvine SON?

I came to UC Irvine as an EU Marie Curie Fellow in the UCI Department of Computer Science, and immediately started collaborating with the UCI School of Nursing. After a while, I started to consider myself closer to the SON because that’s where I spent most of my time, and had raised large funds for research. UCI SON is truly unique among nursing schools–it is very progressive and forward thinking. Dean Nyamathi is the reason. She really believes in the role of technology in health promotion.  Most schools wouldn’t even consider accepting a candidate for faculty without a nursing degree. 

What are you most excited about, as you start your job at UCI SON?

I’m so happy to be in a School of Nursing doing serious healthcare research. Computer scientists like me can do healthcare research at a tech school, but there are advantages to being in a real-life health care setting as you do your research and development. I have launched the Health Sciences and Technology Group (, a truly multidisciplinary group, with folks from many UC Irvine schools and international collaborators. Our mission is to support health sciences based on a community-, data-, and technology-driven approach to health, thereby enhancing the mental and physical health of people and societies. Currently we have several projects going that address smart pain management, remote pregnancy monitoring, early warning score systems, stress management, and maternal care. 

Is there anything you’d like to share with the SON about yourself, outside of your work? 

I play the bass guitar and I am into classic rock from the 70’s. I used to be in bands and we covered bands like Pink Floyd and Dire Straits. I also used to play soccer, and these days I’m learning how to play tennis.