Event recap: Post/humanism(s): Critical perspectives, issues, and possibilities for nursing

The UC Irvine Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing  Center for Nursing Philosophy, and the International Philosophy of Nursing Society were pleased to co-sponsor this virtual colloquium titled “Post/humanism(s): Critical perspectives, issues, and possibilities for nursing.” 

The colloquium, held Thursday January 25, 2024, featured Jamie Smith, Rebecca Shasanmi-Ellis, Pawel Krol, Olga Petrovskaya, Mark Risjord, and Ismália De Sousa as panel speakers, and was moderated by Jess Dillard-Wright  and Jane Hopkins Walsh. 

Jamie Smith provided an introduction to critical posthumanism including key assumptions. Rebecca Shasanmi-Ellis spoke about the need for Critical Humanism Perspectives that Challenge the White-normative lens and the move to posthumanism. Pawel Krol provided insights into Nietzsche’s influence of post and trans humanism. Olga Petrovskaya and Mark Risjord spoke on the methodological consequences of posthumanism in qualitative research. Ismália De Sousa asked and gave insights into Posthumanisms in nursing, for whom, with whom, and by whom? 

The colloquium had 94 registrants from across the globe including; Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Ghana, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, UK, USA. The talks were followed by a lively Q&A session. If you missed it, you can view the event by clicking on the photo below.