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UCI Nursing Readies For HBCU Students, Shelley Burke, Precinct Reporter Group


How the aftermath of natural disasters affects mental health, Alison Holman, Newsy

Welcome to ‘Blursday’: How Living in a Pandemic Distorts our Sense of Time, Alison Holman, Healthline

Hurricane Ian impact: The unexpected health effects, Alison Holman, Healthline


While monkeypox slowly increases in Orange County, experts worry possible COVID wave looms, Sanghyuk Shin, Voice of OC

Trauma, time and mental health — new study unpacks pandemic phenomenon, Alison Holman, The Washington Post


‘It Feels Different Having My DNP’, DailyNurse

‘If Kids Aren’t Healthy, They Can’t Learn’, DailyNurse

Distorted Time Perception During the Pandemic Tied to Stress, Poor Mental Health, Medscape

Lost your sense of time during the pandemic? You’re not alone, Daily Pilot

OC schools are starting up again: Are they prepared for COVID and monkeypox?, Voice of OC

Violence prevention receives less than 1% of NIH funding, Philadelphia Inquirer

Figuring out the impacts of long COVID on Orange County residents, Voice of OC


Latest COVID wave grips Orange County, hospitalizations stay low for now, Voice of OC

Seeing hurricanes – even just through the media – can impact your mental health, SciTechDaily

USC researchers identify symptoms associated with increased risk for long COVID, The Los Angeles Times


Here’s why repeat hurricane survivors may suffer serious PTSD, depression, and more, Interesting Engineering

Is there a link between natural disasters and mental health? Experts decode, The Indian Express 

Study proves adverse psychological impact of repeated hurricane exposure, News 18

Does social media contribute to teen depression? It’s complicated, Healthline

Repeated hurricane exposure linked to adverse psychological symptoms, Hindustan Times 

Repeated hurricane exposure linked to adverse psychological symptoms, Reporter Wings

Repeated hurricane exposure may harm mental health, Futurity

Exposure to hurricanes, media linked to increased in Floridians’ mental health symptoms, Healio

Natural diseaster exposure adds up on mental health toll over time, MedPage Today

Repeated hurricane exposure linked to adverse psychological symptoms, Science News

Even a short break from social media can improve your mental healthPhilly Voice 

‘This is the price we pay to live in this kind of society’, The Atlantic


How to process the emotionally unthinkable when you’re too online,

As US reaches one million COVID deaths, how are Americans coping?, Aljazeera

How nurses help save lives with vaccines, NurseJournal

Heroes of the Pandemic Celebrated in Orange County, Newport Beach Independent


Multilingual Nursing Student Builds Language Skills to Help Minority Patients, DailyNurse

A trauma psychologist offers tips for NYC parents and kids trying to make sense of the subway shooting, Gothamist


Provider Shortage Persists While Regulators Consider Implementation of Nurse Practitioner Law, California Health Care Foundation

How Collective Trauma Affects Health Outcomes: Nurse Researcher Shares Insights, DailyNurse

Orange County residents should expect, prepare for indefinite COVID waves, Voice of OC

Is the news cycle stressing you out? Here are 4 ways to protect your mental health, CNBC

It’s personal: Research reveals how people’s experience with climate-related disasters affects their willingness to take and accept protective action, Stanford News

Natural disasters sway feelings about climate protections, Futurity

Stressful news cycle tips: 13 ways to protect your mental health, Self

Watching footage from Ukraine? Here’s how to protect your mental health, Mashable


OC students can ditch masks after March 11, Voice of OC

Can You Really Be “Worried Sick”?Psychology Today

Feeling low during the pandemic? Expert says you’re not alone and shares what can helpABC7

Professionals give advice on facing challenges during coronavirus pandemic, KATV


Centering trauma to help survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence and heal, Black Voice News

Orange County’s COVID Hospitalizations Double in a Week, Voice of OC

5 ways to deal with anxiety during the holidays amid the omicron surge, ABC News

Radio interview about long COVID, BEFM 905 Radio, Bushan, South Korea

COVID-19 drives increases in practice authority for APRNs, reports Annual Legislative Update in The Nurse PractitionerThe Ritz Herald


What the pandemic has done to our memories, NBC News

Welcome to Covid-19’s “junior year.” It’s not pretty., Vox

What the Pandemic Has Done to Our Memories and Experts’ Tips to Cope, Channel 10, Philadelphia

Looking for a COVID-19 test in Orange County? Many others are tooOC Register

San Diego County Will End Troubled COVID Hotel Program, Remove Guests by March 31, Times of San Diego

The omicron variant asks new questions with few answers, Spectrum News1

Local Public Health Experts Say OC Residents Can Expect Winter COVID Surge Fueled by Omicron, Voice of OC

Local Public Health Experts Say It’s Too Early to Tell How Omicron Will Shape Pandemic in Orange County, Voice of OC


Debates Over the COVID-19 Student Vaccine Mandate Flare Up at OC School Districts, Voice of OC

Emotionally, physically, mentally tired’: Nurses say morale has hit a pandemic lowThe Washington Post


Interview with Dawn Bounds, Mental Health Trailblazers podcast

20th anniversary of 9/11: How will younger generations remember the attacks?, GBH News


Why some COVID-19 infections may be free of symptoms but not free of harm, National Geographic


Long COVID: The walking wounded, LosAl TV, July 2021


How to think about the future again, Forge/Medium

UC Irvine expert on the benefits of spending time outdoorsOrange Coast Magazine


As life begins to return to normal, psychologists say expect anxiety, NPR Morning Edition


Long-haulers are pushing the limits of COVID-19 vaccinesThe Atlantic

Inside the ‘cyclone’ of brain fog many COVID-19 long-haulers are still experiencing, ABC News

Congratulations, Our Sense Of Time Has Been Off For A Year NowRefinery29

Many ‘long COVID’ patients had no symptoms from their initial infection, New York Times


The Top 10 journal articles of 2020, American Psychological Association


Traumatic psychological effect of the pandemic causing time distortion, cheddar


Should we ‘publish less’ on the pandemic?Columbia Journalism Review

How to talk about your mental health at work when everything is stressing you out, MSNBC

6 strategies to protect your mental health during the 2020 election, Inverse


The news is driving you mad. And that’s why you can’t stop devouring it.Washington Post

The year of blur: How isolation, monotony and chronic stress are destroying our sense of timeNew York Times


9/11 anniversary: Two decades later, how the pain of the attacks stays with a generationPennsylvania Capital-Star


Why some experts think the pandemic is a breeding ground for pre-traumatic stress disorder, Well + Good


Phone pals? For UC Irvine med and nursing students, and older people dodging the virus, a call can be a lifeline, OC Register

Pandemic trauma disrupts our sense of time, says UCI professor of nursing, UCI Podcast


How to fight fear and anxiety when quarantine ends, Vox

How the news changes the way we think and behave, BBC


Don’t Let Cognitive Biases Cause You to Engage in Risky Public Health Behavior, Lifehacker

Don’t know what day it is today? There’s a psychological reason why., USA Today

COVID-19: A Call to Action, UCI Magazine


Repeated novel coronavirus media exposure may be linked to psychological distress, UCI

Consequences of Media Overexposure to COVID-19 Pandemic with Dr. Alison Holman, Blog Talk Radio

Why we should learn to accept the coronavirus craziness, LA Times


Don’t panic or spread misinformation about coronavirus, UC Irvine scientists say, OC Register

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