Instructional Workload Policy

Non-Senate Instructional Unit, Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

1. The full-time Instructional Workload for this unit is 9 Instructional Workload Courses (or the equivalent) per academic year.

This instructional workload assumes that the faculty-instructor may participate in governance and in professional and university service, and that routine, normal service of this type will normally carry an instructional workload course (IWC) equivalency of 0. Where such participation or service is assigned and carries a significantly heavier load, an instructional workload equivalency may be assigned.

A list of equivalencies specific to this academic unit are indicated below.

Where class size is a consideration in assigning workload, anticipated class size, not actual, will be the basis of instructional workload assignments.

There may be Instructional Workload Equivalencies not foreseeable at this time: these will be assigned on an ad hoc basis to the extent that they appear to be one-time arrangements. Any which would appear likely to be repeated will require notification to UC/AFT and will be added to the formal Instructional Workload Policy.

Unit 18 Lecturers may be employed for selected upper division lectures and associated discussion sections = 1.0 IWC

2. Duties beside teaching which, if assigned, carry workload credit, and assigned IWC equivalency: