Welcome to the Center for Nursing Philosophy!

The Mission of the Center of Nursing Philosophy (CNP) is twofold:

1. To create a formal structure with the capacity and resources to engage school, university, and allied institutions’ faculty in dialogue across the philosophical spectrum

2. To lead the advancement of nursing philosophy by supporting faculty and student scholarly collaboration, publication, and dissemination

The Vision of the CNP is to be recognized as a pioneering locus for nursing philosophy throughout the world.

The CNP aligns with the mission and strategic vision for the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing. Philosophical and theoretical foundations in nursing are already listed as a key area of focus for the School, with existing faculty already contributing to philosophical scholarship in critical areas such as evidence-based practice, philosophy of science, and nursing metaphysics.

The CNP aims to provide a platform for increased nursing philosophy scholarship development and dissemination, as well as wider engagement with the local, national, and international philosophy community to identify new foci for inquiry and advancement.

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