The Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing is committed to a culture of integrity, respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all. We acknowledge the universality of implicit biases about various personal characteristics (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender/sexuality, socioeconomic status, religion, ability) and are committed to preventing their influence on our school culture.

We, therefore, encourage collective reflection, self-awareness, and openness to change that advances inclusive excellence, and we support open and honest dialogue about our learning and working environments. As a School, we focus our efforts on producing members of the nursing profession who are knowledgeable, culturally sensitive, prepared to engage high-quality nursing practice and scholarship sensitive to diverse populations; and who will provide safe, effective, and nonjudgmental care to all.


  • We acknowledge that we live and work on appropriated, unceded lands of the Kizh and Tongva people. 1
  • We are committed to a workplace culture of excellence in integrity and respect.
  • We promote diversity, inclusivity, and equity in all that we do, and we do not accept the
    superiority of anyone based on any inherent characteristic.
  • We commit to sustained investment in aligning our policies and practices with our
  • We promote equitable conditions and safeguard diversity regardless of race, ethnicity,
    gender, income, ability, or any other characteristic.
  • We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of character and ethical
  • We encourage the comprehensive exchange of ideas and critiques as are warranted in
    an academic environment.
  • We respect and encourage honest dialogue among our affiliates and support the
    creation of brave spaces in which we actively work to prevent acts of censorship,
    silencing, and retaliation.
  • We support an environment where constructive feedback is expected, appreciated, and
    both delivered and received respectfully.
  • We hold all members of our School accountable for their contributions to, and
    influences on, our professional/academic environment and expect honesty and
    transparency from each other and our organization.
  • We respect individuals’ identities and personal beliefs, and do not judge any
    contribution to our profession’s work by anything other than its scientific significance to the field.

1 See