Race and the Fiction of Sovereign Embodiment

Thursday, May 23, 2024 | 11am-12:30pm PST

Please join us for The Fourth Annual Joint Center for Knowledge, Technology and Society and Center for Nursing Philosophy colloquium, featuring Zakiyyah Iman Jackson.

Zakiyyah Iman Jackson is an associate professor of English and the director of the Center for Feminist Research at the University of Southern California, USA. Her research explores the literary and aesthetic aspects of Western philosophical and scientific discourse and investigates the engagement of African diasporic literature and visual culture with the historical concerns, knowledge claims, and rhetoric of Western science and philosophy.

This talk draws from a spate of her recent work on the intractable racial inheritance of our ideals of bodily autonomy and self-determination. It asks if ethics’ hegemonic premises are foundationally and seemingly insuperably antiblack, what does that suggest about our potential to craft a counterhegemonic mode of response to debility and premature death while in the maw of antiblackness’ domination of diagnosis and cure?