simeon vidolov research scientist at college of dublin ireland hosted by uc school of nursing center for nursing philosophy

The UC Irvine Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Center for Nursing Philosophy was honored to sponsor a virtual presentation titled “The Flesh of Virtuality: Reflecting on how the human body rematerializes through technology.”

The event, held Wednesday October 26, 2022, featured Simeon Vidolov, a research scientist at University College Dublin, in Ireland. His research interests are in the area of critical organization and technology studies, exploring phenomena related to living and working in a technological age.

In this talk, he drew on Merleau-Ponty’s perspective on intercorporeality to inquire into the role of the human body in virtual collaboration. Merleau-Ponty redefines the human body beyond pure physicality as a material-semiotic process between self and other.  Vidolov problematised claims of virtual disembodiment and sought to advance a perspective on virtual intercorporeality that elaborates the relationship between body, language and technology.

The event was moderated by center Director and Associate Professor Miriam Bender. There were more than 30 registrants from across the globe, who had much to add to the discussion during the Q&A session related to nursing and its engagement with virtual technology.

Watch the presentation