The UC Irvine Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Center for Nursing Philosophy  and the UCI Center for Knowledge, Technology, and Society were proud to co-host the Second Annual Joint Colloquium, featuring Havi Carel, professor of philosophy at the University of Bristol, England.

Carel’s virtual presentation, “Vulnerabilised Individuals and Opaque Institutions” on Feb. 10, 2022, was well received by the nearly 200 attendees.

In her talk, Havi developed the concept of vulnerabilisation to pick out a large and diverse group of people whose suffering is caused or exacerbated by their situations. She then discuss vulnerabilisation in relation to what she calls “institutional opacity.”

The event was moderated by Center for Nursing Philosophy Director and Associate Professor Miriam Bender as well as Center for Knowledge, Technology, and Society director and distinguished professor Duncan Pritchard. There were 198 registrants representing multiple disciplines who generated thought-provoking discussion about the concepts of vulnerabalized individuals and opaque institutions, and how they directly relate to nursing and healthcare issues.

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