uc irvine school of nursing student karen orozco class of 2025It’s back-to-school month at UCI! Meet future nurse Karen Orozco, class of 2023.

Why do you want to be a master’s-prepared nurse?

The reason why I am interested in becoming a masters prepared registered nurse is because I have always had an interest in the health of human beings.

The intensity and challenges incorporated within a medical field career, simply encourages me to give this outstanding career a try, and just continue to stay positive, and potentially become the person I want to become; in this case, an individual who helps human beings stay healthy.

Why did you choose the UCI School of Nursing?

I chose the UCI School of Nursing, not only because of this school being my dream school, but because I have heard so many positive things about this school, specifically about the nursing school.

In order to become a well-prepared nurse, we need a well-taught school, and the UCI School of Nursing is considered the school that will prepare me 100%, without feeling hesitant about yourself, as soon as you begin your career path at a hospital setting. The nursing school, in my opinion, is the school that will allow me to feel confident about myself as I begin my hands-on experience in the healthcare field.

What’s one fun fact about you?

One fact about me is that if I fail, I will continue to try until I achieve what I am aiming for. Giving up is never an option for me.

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