Archives of Psychiatric Nursing; Abdallah Abu Khait, Shaher H. Hamaideh, Mohammed Aldalaykeh, Ayat Alhamdan, Mark Lazenby; Published July 3, 2022; DOI: 10.1016/j.apnu.2022.06.005



This study aimed to describe psychiatric nurses’ experiences and the emotional and psychological sequelae after being psychologically or physically assaulted in inpatient psychiatric units.


The study employed a descriptive, phenomenological research approach. A purposive sample of 27 psychiatric nurses participated in in-depth one-on-one interviews. The collected data were transcribed and analyzed using ​Colaizzi’s (1978) seven-step method.


Three themes and ten sub-themes emerged: A Fertile Environment for Physical and Psychological Workplace Violence, Psycho-Emotional Sequelae Aftermath of Assault, and Proactive Strategies for Combating Violence.


A thorough understanding of workplace violence aids in the development of strategies for preventing and addressing this phenomenon and its psychological and emotional consequences.

Implications for practice:

The current study provides new insights on the importance of offering mental health and emotional support to assaulted nurses, especially those with accumulated exposure to violence.


Aggression; Inpatient psychiatry; Phenomenology; Physical and psychological violence; Psychiatric nurses; Psychological sequelae.