Journal of Nursing Care Quality; Miriam Bender, Marjory Williams, Gianna Chandler; Published March 22, 2023; DOI: 10.1097/NCQ.0000000000000706



The clinical nurse leader (CNL) care model has existed since 2007. However, there is limited understanding how the model can best be implemented.


A validated CNL Practice Survey measuring domains theorized to influence CNL implementation was used to examine the link between CNL domains and CNL implementation success.


Mixed methods were used to analyze data from a nationwide 2015 survey administered to clinicians and administrators involved in CNL initiatives.


Of total respondents (n = 920), 543 (59%) provided success scores, with 349 (38%) providing comments. Respondents with negative comments gave significantly lower average CNL success scores. The majority of negative comments mapped onto Readiness and Structuring domains, providing details of barriers to CNL implementation success.


Findings provide information about structural domains that can be strategically targeted to better prepare settings for CNL implementation and success.