valeria soria guzman with uci nursing and giving day 2022 logo

UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing prelicensure student Valeria Soria Guzman.

UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing prelicensure student Valeria Soria Guzman, a 2022 Giving Day Ambassador, is the recipient of a donor-gifted Fundamental Skills Tote, a critical item every nursing student needs to succeed in their training.

Guzman shares the gift’s personal impact and meaning:

“I feel a sense of pride walking around with the tote donated to our program. It is so much more that just a bag; it is a reminder of the school we are serving and of our commitment to help communities like the ones that support us now.

Knowing that a community member supported me in my journey, that they put in time and effort for me and my peers long before ever meeting us, shows me that they believe in the work that we are doing. It has demonstrated to me that our community has been commited to supporting us continually, even before we step foot in a hospital as registered nurses.

By donating to the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, by helping and supporting students who dedicate themselves to the health of the nation, caring individuals can show their support for the future healthcare workers of America. They can extend a helping hand to the millions of professionals working around the clock to bring quality care to patients and leave a lasting impact on the next generation, the future of Nursing.

Nursing is a difficult profession, and nursing students have to be well rounded and dedicated to the health of patients. Registered nurses face daily difficulties, long hours, in conjuction with their own personal problems and troubles.

Every donation is felt by the staff and students, every good deed from a community member echoes in our hearts and serves as a reminder to persevere through these challenges.

On behalf of the Sue & Bill Gross school of nursing, I would like to thank all who are considering donating to our program and those who have taken the time to help nursing students such as myself. Thank you!”