uc irvine school of nursing doctor of nursing practice class of 2022 students presented their capstone projectsCongratulations to the UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Program class of 2022, whose members have successfully presented their capstone projects.

Each student was guided by a faculty and an academic advisor on this major undertaking — congratulations to them, as well.

The DNP project is the culmination of years of hard work and long hours. Our students reached this milestone while working as nurses in some of the most challenging times our profession and world has ever witnessed.

The project is an opportunity for a post-master’s or family nurse practitioner DNP student to address a clinical or systemic problem using the skills they have learned in the program and in their professional nursing practice.

Now, they graduate, ready to address the health inequities they witnessed as bedside nurses. They will educate their patients before they become seriously ill, keeping them out of the hospital. They will advocate for the rights of the underserved through health policy and system leadership. Their leadership will effect needed change at the bedside, in systems, and in communities.

DNP students and advisors

Congratulations to all of our DNP students and their advisors:

  • Brenda Aguilar (Advisors: Jung In Park, Nicole Martinez): The use of a telemedicine emergency followup program to increase medication adherence in adults with hypertension
  • Deborah Anderson (Advisors: Jung-Ah Lee, Julie Rousseau): Geriatric telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from healthcare providers
  • Chiara Cardoza (Advisors: Michelle Fortier, Nicole Martinez): Defining and identifying negative behaviors in healthcare: A defense against lateral violence
  • Lucetta Chiu (Advisors: Jung-Ah Lee, Julie Rousseau): Telehealth education for older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Abigail Edilloran (Advisors: Jung In Park, Jung-Ah Lee): Supporting stroke survivors and family caregivers utilizing a caregiver assessment tool
  • Paola German (Advisors: Mark Lazenby, Angela Jun): Influenza vaccination education strategy in the emergency department
  • Norma Hernandez (Advisors: Amir Rahmani, Nicole Martinez): Decreasing compassion fatigue in emergency nurses through resiliency training
  • Maria Giraldo Herrera (Advisors: Melissa Pinto, Jung-Ah Lee): Stroke prediction in the context of COVID-19 infections
  • Samantha James (Advisors: Angela Jun, Nicole Martinez): A fast-track model for depression treatment for college students with depression
  • Paul Kim (Advisors: Jung-Ah Lee, Julie Rousseau): Healing at Home: Implementing evidence-based interventions to minimize disparities for geriatric populations during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Allison Krupa (Advisors: Jung-Ah Lee, Julie Rousseau): Advancing Geriatric Care in the Emergency Department: A Multi-Site Study across an Academic Medical Healthcare System
  • Kathryn Kay Anotado Lopez (Advisors: Nicole Martinez, Angela Jun): Implementation of an acuity adaptable cardiovascular surgical unity – a retrospective review
  • Robyn Lopez (Advisors: Dana Rose Garfin, Nicole Martinez): Emergency department nursing burnout and the effects of mindful yoga
  • Donna Nguyen (Advisors: Jung-Ah Lee, Julie Rousseau): Tele health integration and patient self-care behaviors: the influence among older adults
  • Dara Nunn (Advisors: Alison Holman, Nakia Best): The COVID observation protocol: lessons learned from a nurse practitioner implementation in an emergency department observation unit
  • Kristine Mae Pasco (Advisors: Sanghyuk Shin, Nicole Martinez): Tuberculosis (Tb) screening among Healthcare Workers (HCW) in hospital and long-term care facilities: A quality improvement project to assess and improve HCW’s perspective and willingness in implementing guidelines for TB screening
  • Drew Philip (Advisors: Nicole Martinez, Mark Lazenby): Evaluating two antenatal depression screening tools and determining the need for more routine administration in adult pregnant women
  • Victoria Rusinov (Advisors: Alison Holman, Angela Jun): Anxiety among adults undergoing elective lumbar spine surgery at University of California — San Diego Medical Center – La Jolla
  • Loressa Wenger (Advisors: Miriam Bender, Nicole Martinez): Evaluating a participatory education program for underserved patients with type 2 diabetes
  • Nikki Yamashiro (Advisors: Dave Holmes, Candace Burton): Using the 5 P’s to identify risk stratification for PrEP Therapy in the LGBTQIA community

For more information or to support a future nurse or nurse-led research, please connect to Juliana Goswick, Director of Development at jgoswick@hs.uci.edu or visit Giving.