nurse comforting patientRegister for the UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing for the The 12th Annual Suzanne Renée Leider Lecture, “On the nature of suffering and the practice of nursing” with keynote speaker Dean and Professor Mark Lazenby.

About the lecture

In his lecture, Lazenby, an advanced practice cancer nurse and a philosopher, explores the nature of unchosen and unwanted suffering and how nurses, in their everyday practice, act with compassion. When one suffers, and the suffering is unchosen and unwanted, it has no object. As such, the sufferer can believe that no one else has access to their suffering: the knowledge of one’s suffering is in the sufferer’s mind alone.

However, through their assessments, nurses can identify and name a person’s suffering, assuring the individual that their suffering is not “only in their minds.” That is, nurses take a radically objectless, private experience, unchosen and unwanted suffering, and bring it out into the public for others – family, friends, other healthcare providers — to access and address it. By making an objectless, private experience nameable and knowable to others, nurses are present with sufferers in their suffering. This presence is ultimate compassion: to be with (com) another in their suffering (passion). Examples from the care of people diagnosed with cancer will be used.

Event details

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2022

Time: 5-7 p.m.

Location: Division of Continuing Education, 510 E Peltason Drive, Classrooms 2080-2090 (Yosemite B and C)


Please contact Monica to receive a link to register for the presentation if attending virtually.

About Suzanne Renée Leider

suzanne leider uc irvine school of nursingThis annual lecture honors the memory of Suzanne Renée Leider, a nurse whose vision of compassionate care changed the life of her patients and all who were fortunate to know her.