Beverly A. MendozaMichelle A. Fortier, Lily N. TrinhLauren N. SchmidZeev N. Kain; First published June 7, 2021;


    Understanding the different modifiable and non-modifiable factors and their positive or negative influence on parental and child satisfaction is essential to providing high-quality perioperative care. The purpose of this review is to focus on the perioperative environment and to report the various modifiable and non-modifiable factors that are associated with satisfaction. We found that factors such as quality of clinician-patient communication, clinician attitudes, teamwork, shared decision-making, and improved perioperative information were associated with increased parent and child satisfaction. Interventions such as preparation programs integrating role-play, teaching of coping skills, and family-centered programs were highly rated by parents and children. Healthcare providers and institutions should consider the above variables when treating children and their parents in the perioperative setting.