martin lipscomb senior nursing lecturer, university of worcester Please note the following initiative from Martin Lipscomb at University of Worcester, a CNP allied institution.

In response to COVID, a great deal of nurse education has moved online. Mostly, this move has gone well. However, some facets of educational experience are difficult to replicate in the new environment.

For example, with regards to research and evidence (broadly conceived), interesting but complex “background” ideational issues can be difficult to engage. With this in mind, Lipscomb has put together a series of video interviews that bring attention to current debates and controversies — often philosophic in character — not comprehensively covered in online teaching materials.

These conversations serve as a resource to both University of Worcester (UK) nursing students and to the nursing community at large.

Interviewees to date include:

  • Sally Thorne
  • Natalia Burakowska and Danielle Petherbridge
  • Dan Zahavi
  • Joan Eakin
  • Ann Gallagher
  • Mark Risjord
  • John Paley
  • Roger Watson
  • Trudy Rudge
  • Shaun Gallagher
  • Dawn Freshwater
  • Michael Traynor
  • Bernie Garret
  • Robyn Bluhm
  • Joakim Ohlen
  • Trevor Hussey
  • Pam Grace
  • Graham McCaffrey
  • Miriam Bender

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