adey nyamathi in red jacket and dark scarf, jewelry

Distinguished Professor

Founding Dean (In Office 2017-2021)

Key Areas of Focus

  • Key Area of Focus 1: Integrative Health and Wellness Promotion
  • Key Area of Focus 2: Community Health
  • Key Area of Focus 6: Health Disparities and Diversity

Areas of Expertise

  • Health promotion
  • Coping and adjustment to illness
  • Nursing/community health worker models to reduce risk for HIV/AIDS, TB, HBV and HCV with vulnerable homeless and drug-addicted adults and youth; Rural women living with HIV/AIDS in India

Research Abstract

Dr. Adey Nyamathi is a highly respected researcher, academician, and a distinguished professor. Dr. Nyamathi has been the principal investigator in nine NIH-funded RO1s and other NIH grants funded by NIDA, NIAAA, NICHD, NIAID and NIMHD. During her nearly four decades of continuous RO1 NIH funding as a Principle Investigator, Dr. Nyamathi has conducted descriptive and randomized trials among vulnerable populations, including homeless, drug-addicted and incarcerated persons, gay/bisexual youth and men at risk for HIV/AIDS, and rural women living with AIDS in India. In her recent and current NIH-funded studies with homeless adults, Dr. Nyamathi’s team is testing nurse-led community health worker models in ensuring they have access to social support, critical treatments (Latent TB Chemoprophylaxis and HCV) and resources in the community.

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