adey nyamathi, founding dean of the uci school of nursing, has created a phd scholarship

“Once you have that degree, you can pursue research in a rigorous manner, secure grants,  and travel the world, disseminating your research and networking with people far and near,” says Founding Dean and Distinguished Professor Adey Nyamathi, who established a PhD scholarship for the school.

The ability to pursue a degree without having to work to survive is a luxury many people cannot afford.

UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Founding Dean Adey Nyamathi wants to remove those barriers to higher education.

As a result, she started the Founding Dean Nyamathi PhD Scholarship to support the school’s PhD students. The fund is something she has wanted to create for a long time.

“When I pursued my PhD, it was a struggle academically and financially,” the distinguished professor remembers.

She sees an even greater struggle in today’s students, many of whom need to continue working to put food on the table and support their families.

“They’re the ones who can’t spend the dedicated time on their classes, papers and just doing the best they can,” Nyamathi says.

“I want to see if a scholarship can help reduce their work time so they can plan life-changing research.”

In addition, a scholarship sends a deeper message.

“The beauty of philanthropy is also for the student to understand a community or faculty member believes deeply in their potential to make a positive impact. It is empowering for a student to know someone is investing in their future.

Advanced degree opens doors

Once a person has that advanced degree, a whole new world opens up, Nyamathi says.

“Once you have that degree, you can pursue research in a rigorous manner, secure grants,  and travel the world, disseminating your research and networking with people far and near.”

Without nurse researchers, she says, a huge part of what makes nursing so unique is lost.

Nyamathi’s PhD scholarship is just one part of a larger dream: To have all programs fully funded so all students need to do is focus on their training instead of working full-time.

“If all faculty worked together to make this happen, it would be a phenomenal place.”

PhD scholarship details

The PhD scholarship is a $20,000 commitment over four years at $5,000 per year. The award is equal to one-third of a student’s annual tuition.

“Dean Nyamathi’s establishment of this named annual scholarship in support exemplary students of the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing PhD program is a leadership commitment in the truest sense,” said Matt Spencer, Executive Director of Development for the College of Health Sciences.

“The Dean’s generous commitment sets an example that I hope other faculty, alumni and community members will follow.”

Other financial support opportunities

In addition to scholarships, the nursing school also has a number of endowments to support current and future nurses at UCI. Endowments differ from scholarships in that the funds are invested. The profits are awarded to the student.

Other endowments and scholarships at the school of nursing include:

  • Leslie Ann Ferree Memorial Endowment for DNP students
  • Susanne Renee Leider Memorial Endowment for undergraduate and MEPN students
  • Ellen Olshansky Founding Director Leadership Endowment for PhD students
  • Ellen Lewis Nursing Leadership Scholarship for undergraduate students
  • Mary Hannacker Endowment for undergraduate students
  • DNP Unnamed Endowment for DNP students
  • Future DNP Grad Division Endowment for DNP students
  • Tierney Scholarship for undergraduate students
  • Feizel and Dorothy Waffarn Scholarship for MEPN students
  • Felix Schwarz Nursing Science Student Award for undergraduate students
  • Weinstein Scholarship for PhD Students
  • Diane and Brian Drake Nursing Endowment for PhD students
  • The Cathy Hein Nguyen Scholarship — Annual Alumni Award for PhD and DNP students

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