Sarah Campbell and Dave Holmes

As we grow our school, we are pleased to announce that our faculty continues to attract the highest quality leaders in nursing science, research, teaching and mentorship. Here we highlight two of our newest faculty. Their stories illustrate the breadth of reasons why the UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing is the most exciting place to be in nursing, right now.

Sarah Campbell, NP, Assistant Clinical Professor

Sarah Campbell, NP, graduated in the very first UCI class of Nurse Practitioners. After practicing in private practice for several years, Campbell has returned to UC Irvine to be a member of the community where she trained to be an NP.

Professor Campbell credits the preceptor program at UC Irvine for the essential experience and networking that got her into a rewarding position in private practice. But she was drawn back to UC Irvine School of Nursing for many reasons. While working in private practice, Campbell took on students herself as a preceptor, and she found that she enjoyed mentoring the students. She also observed that UC Irvine-trained NPs were heads and shoulders above those from other schools, and she wanted to be more involved in training the best nurses and nurse practitioners in Orange County. On top of everything else, Professor Campbell is starting her DNP program. “I want to advance my practice so that I can help others advance their practice,” she says. Among Campbell’s goals as a new faculty member at the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing are to promote wellness and self-care among students and nurses. Along those lines, Professor Campbell has introduced the practice of  having her students take a short meditation prior to taking an exam. She loves teaching, and wants to teach in a way that is relevant to clinical practice. For this reason, she will continue to see patients, at Gottchalk and Student health. “I have the dream job,” she says. “Teaching, plus provider.”

 Dave Holmes, Ph.D., Associative Dean of Academic Programs and Student Affairs 

Dr. Dave Holmes has joined the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing at UCI, leaving behind a 20-year legacy at the University of Ottowa in Canada, where he was Professor, Associate Dean of Academics, Director of the School of Nursing, and University Research Chair. Why? Dr. Holmes says, “I wanted to be part of something new, to be part of building a new school of nursing.”

As new Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, “Dr. Holmes brings a wealth of administrative leadership skills that makes him him a perfect fit for our growing School of Nursing,” says Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Dean Adey Nayamathi. Dr. Holmes is a psychiatric nurse by training, and his research and publications cover the mental health impacts of being a member of marginalized populations–including LGBTQ and incarcerated populations–and their experiences when they interact with health care systems. Dr. Holmes has published over 140 peer-reviewed journal papers, 50 book chapters, and has authored 6 books. Dr. Holmes hopes to make a valuable contribution to the UC Irvine community, the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, and to Orange County as a whole, based on his vast experience leading and teaching at top nursing schools around the world–including Canada, Australia, Indonesia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. “I look forward to having an impact on our students’ experience, academically. I’d also like to continue to improve the quality of our programs, and to develop new, cutting edge programs, like the Masters of Nursing Informatics Program that is in the works,” says Dr. Holmes. “UC Irvine [School of Nursing] has a good energy. People are kind. It’s a new school of nursing with outstanding potential. I am very proud to be here!”

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