uc irvine school of nursing student katie teixeira with two friends

UCI School of Nursing student Katie Teixeira, left, and her friends.

Katie Teixeira is a UCI nursing student. She began her healthcare career during a global pandemic.

Teixeira shares what the last year has been like:

Coming of age as a nurse during a pandemic was devastating, but the timing could not have been better to validate my choice of career.

As nursing students, my cohort had multiple opportunities to volunteer over this past year, performing COVID-19 screenings and administering COVID-19 vaccinations, in addition to our 12-hour clinical shifts in ICUs, medical-surgical units, labor and delivery, and more.

This past year has been an immense challenge, especially as a nursing student. But with each passing obstacle, I have developed admiration and pride for my cohort for handling this year with dedication, humility and adaptability.

Witnessing the university’s thoughtful, innovative, and progressive response to the pandemic helped me grow in my appreciation of how UCI’s nursing program empowers its students to contribute to the health and well-being of patients and build caring communities.