shelby grace lee uci school of nursing student class of 2022

Shelby Grace Lee is a Master’s Entry in Nursing Program (MEPN) student at UCI School of Nursing.

Shelby Grace Lee started school at the UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing this month.

She talks about what it means to her:

“Starting my nursing education at the University of California, Irvine, is quite literally a dream come true. The truth is that I chose to attend UCI when I was a sophomore in high school.

I committed to receive my undergraduate education at this amazing place and play for the women’s soccer team. My athletic desires to play at the Division I level introduced me to this one-of-a-kind environment to learn and grow.

Since I stepped foot on campus for the first time over five years ago, I have been awestruck and inspired by my learnings in the classrooms and the groundbreaking research led by my professors.

I completed my undergraduate degree in 2019 with a bachelor of science in Public Health Science and played four years of collegiate soccer.

The nursing building is located right next to the athletic fields and I would often see it and manifest the day I could possibly pursue my next dream in life, to become a nurse.

My application process was one of more denials than acceptances, with each decision one step closer to where I would end up. It was a year to practice patience, and increase my determination to attend nursing school someday.

I put my whole heart into my application to UCI and when I was notified that I was on the waitlist, I hoped every day that the opportunity to attend would somehow work out.

I am beyond grateful it did, and better yet that I am returning to UCI. It truly is the university that has made all of my dreams come true.”

— Shelby Grace Lee
UCI MEPN Class of 2022