school of nursing faculty are co-investigators on two geriatrics research studies: healing@home and ASSISTTwo nursing faculty are co-investigators on two geriatric research projects headed by the Department of Family Medicine:

* Healing@Home, a geriatric emergency department feasibility study to reduce hospital admissions during the pandemic

* ASSIST Geriatric Program: Assisting and Supporting Socially Isolated Seniors Through Telehealth in the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Lisa Gibbs, director of the UCI Health Senior Health Center is the project investigator for both projects.

Professor Jung-Ah Lee and Volunteer Clinical Professor Julie Rousseau, PhD, APRN, CNM are co-investigators. Drs. Lee and Rousseau mentor five nursing DNP students in these projects.

The Healing @ Home project is funded by UCI CRAFT COVID-19; the ASSIST project is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as part of the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP)

GWEP projects improve healthcare for older adults and transform the clinical training environment by integrating geriatrics and primary care partnering with our School of Nursing on In-Home Supportive Service caregiver education led by Dr. Lee.