emergency nurse practitioner core curriculum textbook 2021 associate professor nicole martinez wrote a chapter on infectious disease management and treatmentAssociate Clinical Professor and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program Director Nicole Martinez has published a textbook chapter in the first edition of Emergency Nurse Practitioner Core Curriculum.

Martinez’s chapter focuses on approaching infectious diseases in an emergency room setting.

She will use her expertise and experience as an emergency nurse practitioner to educate future nurse practitioners on:

  • Identifying common infectious diseases found in the emergency environment
  • Using evidence-based guidelines to evaluate, treat and manage patients
  • Formulating care plans, including treatment, management, notification of appropriate authorities, reducing transmission risk and follow-up care

Textbook information

Martinez, N. (2021). Infectious diseases. In R.E. Holleran & T. Campo (1st ed.), Emergency Nurse Practitioner Core Curriculum (pp.322- 338). Springer Publishing.

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