Jung In Park received her PhD in Nursing Informatics from University of Minnesota and joined UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing as a Assistant Professor in July 2019. Professor Park’s research interests include Biomedical Informatics, Health Data Science, and Machine Learning.

How did you get into nursing bioinformatics? What inspires you to do the work and research that you do?

In my early career as a nursing researcher, I had a chance to work with national-level health insurance data. I was fascinated by the amount and variety of types of health data and was very interested in analyzing them. I believe nursing can benefit from this era of big data science, as there is a growing need for new discoveries from large quantities of health data to provide evidence-based care.

 Why did you choose to come to UC Irvine School of Nursing? 

I was impressed by how strongly the school values innovative and pioneering research in health informatics,  as well as the school’s contribution to the community. Also, the culture at UCI encourages interdisciplinary collaborations, and there are many excellent departments and schools at UCI to potentially partner with. I do a lot of collaborative work with experts from different fields, so having a supportive environment for multi-disciplinary research is very important to me.

 What would you like to accomplish at UCI?

I am very excited to work with my great colleagues at UCI. My research area has focused on health informatics using large health data from multiple sources and machine learning.  I would like to collaborate with other experts at UCI to improve health outcomes of patients and predict adverse events using big data analytics.

 Is there anything personal that you’d like to share about yourself with the SON community?

I am expecting my second baby next month. My family is very excited about having another boy, and my son (age 3) is already waiting for his little brother to come. I love reading ancient history books when I have “free time!”