Fall 2018 Incoming Classes

//Fall 2018 Incoming Classes

The Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing enthusiastically welcomes its Fall 2018 incoming classes. Our nursing programs are highly selective and our incoming students are truly exemplary.

Fall 2018 Freshmen applicants

This year, our undergraduate program had 2,887 freshman applicants and 72 were admitted (2.5% admission rate). The cumulative GPA range of our admitted freshman class was 4.0-4.44.

Of our 180 Upper Division applicants (transfers and change of majors), 32 (18%) were admitted, and they had a cumulative GPA range of 3.49-4.0.

We are also thrilled to welcome our 2nd class of MEPN (Master’s Entry Program in Nursing) students. Of 330 applicants, we admitted 28 students for 20 spots (8% admission rate). Their average cumulative GPA was 3.49.

We wish our students a rewarding year ahead!



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