Case Study: From Bariatric Surgery to Prison Inmate to Doctoral Student

Case Studies is a series of essays that examines the interplay between medical conditions and the legal system. The first article addresses the growing incidence and unintended repercussions of alcohol abuse among some who undergo bariatric surgery to treat obesity.

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Dean Adey Nyamathi

As the academic year comes to an end, I look back with great pride at the accomplishments made by many of our faculty and students. 

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Imelda Pastrana, MEPN student and medical assistant at UCI's Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center in Orange.

UCI School of Nursing MEPN student Imelda Pastrana speaks about her experience in nursing.

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Stacy Seiler, UC Irvine Class of 2017, talks about her experiences studying nursing science as a student at UCI -- and how she will work to help others in the future.

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