What is the nursing PhD program?
The PhD focuses on the discovery of new knowledge in the advancement of nursing practice. This 3-5 year program allows learners to think about the science behind clinical practice in new ways, learning to use research tools and methods to answer important questions about health and healthcare.

What is the difference between a Doctor of Nursing Practice and PhD in Nursing Science?

  • The DNP degree is focused on preparing highly educated clinical leaders who can apply evidence-based research in clinical settings.
  • The PhD degree prepares learners to identify gaps in nursing knowledge, design/implement research studies to address these gaps, and discover new knowledge that can advance the science of care delivery.

What do PhD students do post-graduation?
A nurse with a research PhD can lead healthcare organizations, teach in academic and/or clinical contexts, conduct research in academic or community-based environments, become a nurse researcher in academic settings, work as a researcher on clinical trials, and more.

Is the GRE required?
Yes, you must submit GRE scores with your application.