The Center for Nursing Philosophy Fellowship program supports promising nursing PhD students or recent graduates (within 1 year of graduating with PhD and in an academic position) to pursue targeted scholarship in nursing philosophy.

The PhD Nursing Fellowship comes with a $5,000 stipend to be used at the fellow’s discretion for support during the fellowship period. The fellowship is a 1-quarter (10 week) commitment for intensive mentored scholarship in the Center for Nursing Philosophy at UCI (other than in-person arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis), followed by up to 2 additional 10-week quarters of virtual mentorship to support scholarship completion. The expectation is that the end of the Fellowship corresponds with submission of the completed scholarship as a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

 Eligibility requirements

Eligibility for the fellowship includes: 

  • Be a nursing PhD student (at any stage of their dissertation) or hold a position in academia within 1 year of graduation. There is no geographic limitation.
  • Demonstrated record of academic excellence and showing great promise as a future nursing philosophy scholar
  • Can offer a statement from applicant’s institution (preferably from applicant’s department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, or Dean) attesting ability of the candidate to fulfill fellowship expectations in line with any/all applicant institution policies (This can be an informal statement in your letter of submission)

Application requirements

Application requirements include:

  • A letter of submission describing how you meet eligibility requirements
  • Submission of a scholarship proposal with the potential to advance the field of nursing philosophy and in line with the Center for Nursing Philosophy’s stated mission. Proposal should (a) describe the topic of interest, (b) articulate current gaps in knowledge or problematic issues within the topic of interest, (c) your idea for addressing the gap or issue, including a brief and general description of your methods or approach, and (d) a brief and general statement as to how your scholarship may fill gaps or advance understandings or introduce new understandings related to the area of interest
  • A current CV submitted with application

Selection criteria

Selection criteria include:

  • Feasibility of proposal to be completed within the proposed time frame (up to a total of three 10-week quarters or one academic calendar year)
  • Novelty and/or rigor of the proposal in addressing philosophical topics of interest in nursing and/or advancing nursing philosophy in general


  • Application deadline is June 15, 2021
  • Internal review of all applications done by CNP task force chaired by the Director of the Center for Nursing Philosophy
  • Fellow notification by July 15, 2021

For more information please contact Miriam Bender