Felice Ng, graduate of the UCI Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing

Felice Ng works at a Fremont, CA, hospital on the floor with COVID-19 patients, something she volunteered to do.

Every year, Felice Ng would fly to Hong Kong to take care of her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s disease.

Caring for her grandmother, a former labor and delivery nurse, inspired Ng to enter the profession herself. “I saw myself being able to do that long-term. I like the human connection part of nursing.”

Today, the UCI Sue & Bill School of Gross School of Nursing alum (‘16) is a nurse at a Fremont, CA, hospital.

Working with COVID-19 patients

Ng works on the floor with COVID-19 patients, something she volunteered to do. She enjoys it more than any other area of nursing so far. The challenge and camaraderie have been unparalleled compared to other units.

“I used to work on the infection floor, so I’m aware and used to the risks,” she says.

But there’s another reason she stepped up: “I realized most nurses have kids, families, and at-risk elderly parents and I don’t. It felt like both a calling and responsibility.”

Her hospital so far has ample resources to protect the nurses, so she doesn’t feel too unsafe. “I really like the interactions and pace of bedside nursing,” she says.

Big plans for the future

Ng chills out by playing music, hiking and playing video games. “When this whole thing is over, I would love to travel.”

Next up is marriage. Ng and her fiance are planning an August wedding over Zoom. Their immediate family and bridal party will be there to celebrate in person. After that, “My fiance and I are thinking of getting a puppy!”