uci college students will be studied for covid-19 transmission patterns

UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Professor Dr. Sanghyuk Shin and his co-investigators have been awarded a grant from the UCI Joint Research Fund to study the spread of COVID-19 among college students.

Many college students are within the age group that experiences mild to no symptoms of COVID-19. As a result, they may be important factors in community transmission.

The study will recruit and follow a random sample of 500 students on campus for a year. Their blood and saliva will be collected every three months. The researchers will also conduct a survey to learn about social interactions among students.

The information gathered in the study will ultimately be used to understand how the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads among students and help universities develop guidelines to prevent COVID-19.

The project is a collaboration between Shin and his co-investigators:

The UCI Joint Research Fund supports projects that contribute to slowing or stopping the spread of COVID-19.