Adeline Nyamathi

Adey M. Nyamathi, ANP, PhD, FAAN
Founding Dean and Distinguished Professor
Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

As the most trusted profession in the nation, and with nearly half of the nation’s population suffering with a chronic disease, Nursing has developed an innovative culture to tackle the most critical problems facing health care today.  As the new UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, we are revolutionizing healthcare through generating impactful science, engaging in collaborative practice, and pioneering state of the art education modalities. As Founding Dean, I am honored and inspired to light the way to our next journey – our Brilliant Future.

It is our stellar faculty whose hard work and dedication make our bright future possible.  I am proud of the significant honors and awards that our faculty and students have been given. In particular, Dr Alison Holman and colleagues’ recent publication in the most prestigious journal, Sciences Advances, informs us all about the distress that is associated with trauma-related media exposure. In another feature, we present Dr Sanghyuk Shin’s recent grant award, a multidisciplinary initiative on infectious diseases, which holds promise to establish UCI as a global leader in research and education related to infectious diseases and treatment.

It is indeed the hard work and dedication of our stellar School of Nursing faculty and staff that made yesterday’s vision become today’s reality.  I am proud of all the honors and awards that our faculty and students have been given. In particular, I am thrilled to congratulate our faculty, Drs Dave Holmes and Susanne Phillips, both of whom will be inducted into the Fellowship of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN).  In addition, Dr Phillips recent recognition as being top Ten Women in Health Care by Coast Magazine is a tribute to the remarkable faculty and the legacy we will continue in advancing the core of research, education and practice.

Our vision for a bright future is further illuminated by the recent news of final approval given by the University of California Regents to begin construction of the new Sue and Bill Gross Health Sciences and Nursing Hall in Spring 2020. As we remain immensely grateful for the leadership gift given by Bill Gross and Sue Gross, we will soon break ground near the corner of California Avenue and Bison Avenue, to build a 65,000 square foot Sue & Bill Gross Nursing & Health Sciences Hall. This new structure will become the center of our instructional and research activities and the site for community members to obtain education program certificates and attend workshops.

As we finalize plans to launch the October community campaign, our faculty have been analyzing our School’s needs based on a 10 year vision of growth.  As we are committed to offering the highest level of education excellence, we continue to recruit the best and the brightest. Our ongoing investment in stellar faculty who can bring with them a technologically-enhanced environment continues to move us forward. These new faculty are dedicated scientists who are experts in the areas of wearable sensors to monitor and promote the health of our communities; to educate and promote the health of our school age children and their families; and to utilize our hospital Electronic Health Record system to improve health outcomes of our patients.

As we look forward to the many awe inspiring opportunities that lie ahead, I must acknowledge the many partners who have created the solid foundation from which our Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing can continue to grow.  It takes the collective effort of faculty, staff and donors to change the life of a student and build a healthier community for all who live here.  By offering enriching and inspiring education opportunities and continue our groundbreaking research, the promise of a more Brilliant Future lies within reach.  Thank you for your continued support and interest in learning more.