The UC Irvine School of Nursing master’s program is a research-based academic and professional degree program that prepares you with expertise in a specialized area of advanced nursing practice. Part of this preparation is having a preceptor as a guide.

Preceptors are ideally in a primary care clinical site, such as family medicine, internal medicine, geriatrics, pediatrics or OB/GYN. Preceptors are also needed in the areas of hospice, palliative care and skilled nursing.

Students interested in a specialty field are encouraged to seek preceptors in that specialty. A clinical preceptor may be a MD, DO, NP and/or certified nurse midwife (CNM).

The master’s program offers students two concentrations within the nurse practitioner track: family primary care and adult/geriatric primary care. You are required to complete 720 hours of clinical practice. Keep in mind that a vital theme of our curriculum is the development of cultural sensitivity and humility. You are required to have clinical rotations in various community clinics in the surrounding areas.

Frequently asked questions (for preceptors)

How much experience do I need in order to be a preceptor?
A year of clinical practice is required before serving in the role of preceptor.

How many hours do I need to commit to preceptor service?
The minimum requirement for preceptor service is 80 hours per year.

Do I need to sign a contract to be a preceptor?
UC Irvine requires an affiliation agreement with the clinical site. UC Irvine will provide the affiliation agreement, and our staff will work with your organization to obtain approvals.

Will I receive training to be a preceptor?
Yes, training is provided by the lead faculty for clinical placements. In addition to the training, a site visit will be conducted after the student is placed. UC Irvine faculty and staff are available to provide ongoing support.

Can two preceptors share a student?

May I meet the student before I precept?
Yes, the student is encouraged to meet with the preceptor before placement.

Are there any privileges of being a preceptor?
A volunteer faculty appointment may be considered with your continuous contributions to the Program in Nursing Science.

How do I sign up to be a preceptor?
To learn more about being a preceptor, contact Tina Escobedo, lead faculty for clinical placements, at 949-824-1924 or