2016 Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award

The Institute for Clinical and Translational Science is pleased to announce the 2016 Distinguished Faculty Award Recipient. This award is given to a UC Irvine faculty member who has shown an outstanding commitment to mentoring, advising, and support of clinical and translational science research. It is given to a mentor who has exceeded the standard role played by an advisor with respect to growth in the professional field, influencing the research work of their mentees, and providing outstanding personal support and development.

Dr. Lorraine Evangelista

Lorraine Evangelista is Professor and Senior Associate Director for Academic Affairs for UCI’s Program in Nursing Science. She leads Pro-HEART, a multi-university study to see whether a protein-rich diet can increase the long-term health prospects for overweight patients with congestive heart failure. The Pro-HEART study aims to determine if heart failure patients can benefit from a diet in which 30 percent of calories are from protein. Evangelista created the Pro-HEART protocols, which do not include supplements and which stress gradual and reasonable changes to eating and exercise habits, while on the nursing faculty at UCLA. The study recruited subjects at the UCLA campus and at UC Irvine, which she joined in 2011.                   

Dr. Evangelista is a key example of outstanding commitment to career development of young investigators. Recently, she was invited to serve as a faculty liaison to support the Division of Teaching and Learning’s mission for developing university teaching capacity. Her role will be to help promote Center for Engaged Instruction activities within the program and mentor faculty who want to engage in teaching learning enhancements. As noted by Associate Professor and Interim Director of Nursing Science Alison Holman, “She apparently thrives on the success of her students and colleagues. This remarkable perspective makes her a great colleague whose hard work is akin to a rising tide that truly raises all boats.”

Her mentees have reiterated how she provides professional support, encouragement on grant writings, and guidance on any issues or problems faced in any way she can… “Dr. Evangelista inspires students to pursue excellence by being available and willing to help. She is always there for me; to celebrate my accomplishments and to support me when the going is tough. She is able to provide options I hadn’t thought of, identify resources I didn’t know about, and helps open doors that I was not aware existed.”


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